External Clean:

This is by far the most popular. It is ideally suited to the standard office environment due to the fact that most IT and office equipment in this type of cool, clean environment is not usually subjected to very dusty and dirty conditions, and generally only requires internal cleaning after a couple of years. Multi-user equipment such as call centre equipment and equipment in schools and universities is also suited to this type of service but should be cleaned on a more regular basis due to the increased risks of cross-contamination between users.

The external clean can be carried out on either desktop or laptop machines, and each unit takes around 20 minutes to clean thoroughly. If you already use this kind of service and your current provider doesn’t take around this long to complete a unit, you should be looking at why this is the case.

Our external cleans are carried out and costed per unit, and the servicing of a single unit includes:

A thorough clean of the keyboard. Starting with an air-dust and vac to remove all of the debris under the keys, then cleaning and sanitising all the keys and external surfaces.

We clean all types of monitor whether they are the traditional style CRTs, Plasma screens or TFTs. The monitor housing is externally cleaned and sanitised and then the screen is cleaned with an anti-static coating applied to it.

Main Unit
When cleaning desktop computers we clean and sanitise the external surfaces of the main unit and clean the exterior part of the fan at the rear.

Finally, we clean the mouse internally by removing the build up of dust and debris from the rollers or optical sensor, and then cleaning and sanitising the external surfaces.


















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