Does your computer and office equipment look like any of these pictures below?
Does your computer feel overworked?
Are there times when you know it's sick?

Its probably NOT broken but just DIRTY


Up to 70% of computer related breakdowns are caused by dust dirt this can cause an insulating blanket that will prevent heat from dissipating resulting in overheating components, burn out, fan failure and complete system crashes which will lead to poor performance and a loss of data.

Although cleaning a computer is no guarantee that it will work better or that you will never have any problems it does improve your chances of trouble free computing without regular maintenance your PC may splutter and grind to a halt leaving you stranded on the hard shoulder of the information highway. According to IBM, the worlds largest computer company, if all the dust and contaminants were removed from the inside of all computers less than 1% would fail in a given year.

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