Full Clean:

The full clean is designed to give a more thorough clean of a computer unit, with the internal parts of the main unit being cleaned in addition to the parts that are done in the external service.

This type of clean is ideally suited to equipment that tends to be in a more harsh environment and is exposed to higher levels of dust and dirt, or equipment in places where hygiene is of the utmost importance. Examples of the type of business that this would apply to are garages, factories and warehouses, and also places like hospitals, dental surgeries and medical practices. Equipment that is operated under harsh conditions can experience a build up of dust and dirt inside the main unit that is far greater than that of equipment used in a standard environment. This can lead to the motherboard and processor being coated in a thick layer of grime that subsequently causes overheating and ultimately failure.

Using this service should prevent this premature failure and could add years on to the life of your equipment.
We also offer a brand new keyboard and mouse service, basically instead of cleaning you keyboard and mouse we install a brand new one of each, and recycle your old ones under the new Government WEE legislation.

A new keyboard and mouse is just £15 fitted.

The full clean can only be carried out on desktop machines. Each unit that is to undergo a full clean takes between 30 and 40 minutes to complete and clean thoroughly.

Our full cleans are carried out and costed per unit, and the servicing of a single unit includes:

A thorough clean of the keyboard. Starting with an air-dust and vac to remove all of the debris under the keys, then cleaning and sanitising all the keys and external surfaces.

We clean all types of monitor whether they are the traditional style CRTs, Plasma screens or TFTs. The monitor housing is externally cleaned and sanitised and then the screen is cleaned with an anti-static coating applied to it.

Main Unit
During the full clean we open up the computer housing, taking precautions against Electrostatic Discharge, and using our special anti-static vac, remove all the dust and debris from the motherboard, processor, fans and the other internal surfaces. We then clean and sanitise the external surfaces of the main unit.

Finally, we clean the mouse internally by removing the build up of dust and debris from the rollers or optical sensor, and then cleaning and sanitising the external surfaces.



















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