• Reduced Sickness with having clean, hygienic IT and office equipment
  • Computer cleaning helps keep components in good working condition and stops them spreading germs.
  • Tests of computers and telephones have found they are some of the most contaminated areas in an office, sometimes as bad as, or worse, than public toilets.
  • We use a non-toxic, non-staining, biodegradable and germicidal formula for cleaning all computers and peripherals.
  • Our cleaning formula contains proven antistatic, antibacterial and UV ingredients.
  • Our Plasma/TFT/CRT (monitor) cleaning formula will not streak or scratch. It is certified as safe for any glass product.

  • Increased reliability & productivity: Dirt and dust clog fans and overheats computer components.
  • Health & Safety compliance
  • Staff satisfaction
  • Longer equipment life-span
  • It just looks better















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